Jennifer C Brindley (creekstersheart) wrote in just_to_write,
Jennifer C Brindley


This winter white frost has forced me inside
Here I am warm, restful and bitter to be so
This happiness barely suits me
The contentment in my life is hard and hardly welcome
I feather the pages inside my head
Step through the words and feel death stepping on my toes
From words written in years past
I remember the torment of being with you,
And it is oddly comforting
I revel in it with embarrassment
I am a traitor
And still, something inside me is desperate without it
I am dry, without inspiration
So in the dark corners of night, this turncoat turns to infamy
Because come day, I am all smiles in the light
But no matter how this woman might seem
It is nothing but a lie to me
The writer in me
Misses the misery in you
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