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Hansel and Gretel Revisited

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Hey there! I've been being a pretty lousy writing community member as of late but I'm hoping to be able to pay more attention to things since I have more free time right now. Here is something I wrote way back in high school. And of course, I can't make a post without pimping my zine Ephemera--new issue expected to be available by the end of the week! Get all the info here. I am always looking for new submissions by writery/artistic people. :)

He was not the first or the last
He was simply another
Of the species known as
The Absentee Father.

In this case,
very absentee.
Never to be seen again
in fact.
Mother was nowhere to be found

but she had an excuse.
she was dead.

Son and daughter
Disposed of with all the effort
of yesterday's sports section
Box score
Between twilight and dawn,
It's all the same.

The trees were not their friends
And their chance for sustenance
A gift to the birds
Who flapped their wings
Without directing a thought
To their benefactors

So many ways to say
Appearances can tell you nothing
Here is another:
Not all gingerbread houses
are as sweet as they seem.

But of course they went to it
no alternative
For kindern lost beyond words
In the dark Deutsch woods.

Amid the delirious sugar
There was no time to worry
About the cottage owner:
Danger of all dangers.

so much sweetness.

Almost enough
to make them not be bothered by
the never-ending labor.

After all
--back of each small mind--
Chores were done for the
Woodcutter father
(who the missed
never comprehending
what he had done).

And when the sun
Had made its golden arc
across the sky
Many times,
The elder child was ready.
The oven was prepared
for crisp young flesh
the favorite meal
of any true witch.

But alas
--curses, foiled again--
the bonds of brother and sister
Proved stronger than expected.
And it was her own wizened body
That crackled and burned.

As for Gretel and Hansel,
they resumed their forest wandering
A little fatter
A little wiser
knowing now:

never take candy
from strangers.
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