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Libromancy is the story of Cassie Clarke, a seventeen-year-old girl who loves nothing better than a good book, and wants nothing more out of life than to write. When she is selected to attend a progressive school for girls who want to become writers, under Headmistress Mrs. Pershing, who is herself a well-known author, Cassie is ecstatic. But her feelings quickly change when strange things start happening. Girls vanish, flowers bloom in winter, the moon rises full three times in one month and not at all the next, and Cassie is no longer receiving letters from home. And then there's the question of who or what lives in the cellar under the school.


I may not remember much, but I remember the first time I heard about the school. I was seventeen. No, that's no good; I was seventeen for too long. This was back when I had just begun to be seventeen, when nothing really odd or unusual had ever happened to me. If you had asked me then what I planned to do with my life, I would have said college, then perhaps a family. And I'd write. Oh, how I longed to be a writer! I suppose I am one, now. Everything else is gone, but I can still put pen to paper and tell my story -- the only thing I was given in trade for all that was taken from me.

I won't bore you with the details of my early life. That would make for tedious reading, and I don't remember much about it in any case. For all intents and purposes, my life began -- and ended -- at seventeen. I've never let anyone read my diary before, but in order to do this right and in the right order, you have to understand who I was and how came to have a story to tell.

(Chapter One: History)
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