EnTrans (entrans) wrote in just_to_write,

Fairy Tail

 Here is a fairy tail about White Girl. Thank you for all who inspired it... :-)

White Dreams of White Girl

Once upon a time a white-white girl who leaved in a white-white garden had a white-white dream to fly white-white plane in white-white clouds together with white-white prince on a white-white stallion (oops.. sorry, probably the stallion wouldn't fit in the plane, unless it's white-white Dreamliner)  

She was leaving white-white life and had white-white relations with all white-white people, had white-white clothes, ate white-white food and drank white-white wine. She was doing everything in white-white way and tried all other people to do the same. But one day one pink person smashed a white-white cake in her white-white face.

"Why?" you would ask. Because she was a BeBe and also pink is a good color too :-)))

The end
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