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Revers Karma

i see it in your eyes, a firey sorrow, its burning right through me. i tried to calm you, you turned away. all i ever wanted to say, is that i love you. i want to help you, through your pain. i want to stop the rain of your memories. i just want you to see what you can be. as time goes by, i see it in your eyes, you just want to die. out on the surface, you hide your feelings for none to see. i want you to need me, like i need you. i want you to feel it, a whole new day. let your imagination run away. fly away and sing today. look past the fog into the sunlight, i'll help you fight all your fears away. your smile is hidden in empty space, a lonely place. i want you to run in and embrace all of your traits that you long to erase. you are beautiful just the way you are. like a light inside you, your glowing bright. you started behind, now your soaring high. a wave of new spirit, flows through you. you started to sing, you started to move. you moved on a new life, left me behind. now i'm the one dying inside. now i feel your pain, raining down, it covers me up, it brings me down. i helped you see. how could you do this to me. i helped set you free, and this is how you repay me. what made you think, you had the right. i was there for you, where are you for me. i'm so sorry for myself, that you just used me. pushed away, thrown away, you didn't say, why you left away, all in one day. you killed my heart, you killed my soul. you kicked me out of your life, with a cold stare. this isn't fair. my heart, you darted. my soul, you sold. my dreams, you made bleed. who i am isn't who i should be. who i am, is no way to be. i helped you, i loved you, i saved you. you hurt me, you betrayed me. you destroyed me.

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